Shambhala: Enlightenment and Community Support

We are a global community of inspired people that believe in the principle that all humans have a basic instinct of goodness. With power and nature, we feel within our innate wisdom that goodness can be harnessed and developed so everyone benefits and helps with the many challenges the world gives us.

The Shambhala community welcomes you and every other person from all walks of life, no matter what faith you have or background. Our community comes together as one to practice meditation, to gather thoughts and to celebrate the order of togetherness. We hope to develop a culture that has a global reach, that harmonise dignity with sanity in a very increasingly chaotic and stressful planet.

Be the Light That Guides

Every individual, every group and all those within the Shambhala Centre all over the world I connected by the Shambhala teaching and its lineage. This is a collective and shared inspiration for thousands, and you can have this spirit of goodness within you. Through Shambhala, you will become the light to others, give guidance and healing to those that need it and for yourself an awakened sense of oneness with the environment and people around you.

Where is Shambhala Taught?

Our community of friends and members stretch across all continents and well as having online communities. We have over 200 Shambhala community centres and organised groups. The Shambhala practice is not just focused on the study of meditation and contemplative practice. Our Shambhala centres teach the arts through social and cultural activities that help to fully awaken the creativity within us all.

What is Shambhala?

Shambhala is the kingdom, the enlightened society. The practice is used to bring together people from all walks of life and from all ages that have a deep interest in exploring our minds and transcending to higher experiences that what we feel in our normal human state of unrest. We awaken the potential within all our members and friends to reach the enlightened society, to become one and within Shambhala.

Shambhala opens doors to trust, to self-fulfil human dignity. The path that is meditative and contemplative orientates towards all of life’s modern challenges, desires and needs. The Shambhala will help to grow kindness, enrich dialogue and bring out our inner bravery to help achieve and overcome doubt. The Shambhala vision is clear in its inspiration to unite compassionately and make better the human societies we all try to navigate in our individual worlds.

Learn Shambhala Meditation

As with all meditative programs, practice and time are essential in becoming one with a state of pure relaxation. With over 200 centres worldwide, we encourage anyone to join our teachings and learn the Shambhala meditative process which remains an oral tradition that is essential to the technique carried out by a trained personal instructor.

The Shambhala meditation instructions are totally free of charge inside all the Shambhala centres. Your guru will provide the necessary guidance, direction and support to you and all fellow students within the centre. You will also be able to access our open talks, group discussions and you have the option of a personal interview so a program can be arranged to suit and help you navigate the path to Shambhala.  

Last modified: 4 March 2021